• What if...

    You Could learn on your OWN schedule?

    What if...

    Your learning was personalized?



    What if...

    You could choose your own learning path?



    What if...

    You could earn college credit while in high school?



    What if...

    Your high school made all this possible?

    Escondido Charter High School

    Flex Learning

  • ECHS Flex Learning Option

    The Escondido charter high school flex learning option is designed to prepare students to attend a competitive college after graduation by providing a rigorous curriculum, a personalized learning experience with flexible learning options for students, including early college experience and transferable college credits. to apply for acceptance, please click the button below.

  • Parent Information Meeting

    rsvp for the February 8, 2018 parent information meeting

  • Flex Learning Overview

    High Academic Standards, Personalized Learning & Flexibility



    Escondido Charter High School Flex Learning (Flex) is designed to prepare students to attend a four-year university after graduation. (Learn More)


    Personalized Learning

    Flex Learning offers a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum with individualized learning options for students. (Learn More)

    Early College High School Program

    Dual Enrollment

    An important feature of ECHS Flex Learning is the option for students to enroll in college courses while attending high school. (Learn More)

    ExtraCurricular Activities

    Traditional High School Experience

    Students enrolled in Flex Learning may fully participate in Escondido Charter High School’s extracurricular activities, including clubs, sports, and school functions. (Learn More)

  • Extracurricular Activities

    Escondido Charter High School offers students numerous Academic clubs, competitive sports, and engaging activities.







    Escondido Charter High School offers various leadership opportunities to help develop responsible, self-directed students.


    Escondido Charter High School offers students A comprehensive sports program to encourage poise, confidence, and competitive greatness.

    Art, Music & Theater

    Escondido Charter High School offers students courses in art, music, and theater to foster their creativity.

    Student Events

    Escondido Charter High school offers students school-sponsored dances, community outreach opportunities, and numerous assemblies to help build character and maintain a positive school culture.

  • ECHS Stats (2016-17)

    we let the results speak for themselves.


    Average class size


    College attendance rate




    Advanced Placement pass rate

    + 237

    Number of points ECHS students (1735) outperform the national average (1498) on the SAT

    90 %

    Complete all UC requirements with "C" or better by graduation


    Average number of community service hours ECHS students complete each school year

  • Flex Learning Description

    Purpose: College Readiness

    Our primary focus at Escondido Charter High School is to prepare students for success in college. We understand that not all students will seek careers that require a college degree, but we want to send them out into the world with all options open to them. We believe that a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes strong language skills, develops critical thinking capabilities, enhances problem-solving faculties, highlights American history and western thought, and challenges students with advanced math and science coursework is the key to preparing students for success in college.


    In addition, we believe that students need to be well-rounded for success in life. To that end, our secondary focus is on character building with an emphasis on the traditional values of hard work, integrity, and personal responsibility. In our classrooms, on the field, and in our curricular clubs, we emphasize truth, honor, and compassion. Our students are regularly provided with opportunities to serve their community and build their leadership skills. These personal skills complement and enhance their academic achievements.

    Design: Personalized Learning

    The Escondido Charter High School Flex Learning option combines the best features of classroom instruction with the best features of online and blended learning in our Flex Lab. Students in Flex Learning have the ability to enroll in college courses while attending high school, receiving both high school and college credit for those courses. As a part of the Flex Learning option, students can choose to participate in full independent learning at home.


    Flex 4-Day


    Students who opt for Flex 4-Day will take four core subjects (English, math, science, and foreign language), four days per week, in a traditional classroom setting. These core courses deliver the same academic rigor found in the Traditional Learning option, and, likewise, help students to develop the learning strategies they will need to be successful in college.


    In addition to classroom-based instruction, Flex Learning delivers curriculum to students through various electronic platforms, enabling students to work independently and in small groups, with support from teachers on an individual basis. These exploratory and elective courses are designed to introduce students to subjects best suited for their individual interests and goals. To select elective courses, students work closely with a guidance counselor who takes into account their academic readiness, talents, and potential college majors.


    Flex One-to-One


    Flex One-to-One is designed for students who prefer to learn at home. Students who choose this option meet with a credentialed teacher one day per week to receive guidance, instruction, and feedback. The sequence of coursework is established by the teacher working with the student and often focuses on one subject at a time. One of the great features of Flex Learning is the ability to mix and match all of the elements available in this option. Students who prefer the Flex One-to-One option can also take Flex classroom courses, and all students in Flex Learning can take college courses.

    Early College High School Program: Dual Enrollment

    As they demonstrate readiness, students are encouraged to enroll in college courses to focus on their academic interests, receive career technical training, and gain valuable college experience. Students who enroll in college while attending high school are able to earn college credits that apply to both their high school and college graduation requirements.

    Extracurricular Activities: Traditional High School Experience

    Students enrolled in Flex Learning may fully participate in Escondido Charter High School’s extracurricular activities, including academic clubs, sports, and school functions. Moreover, Flex Learning students will have the opportunity to interact with their peers during breaks and lunch each school day.

  • About Us

    Academics, Service, Tradition

    In 1992, the California State Legislature passed the Charter Schools Act, which allowed for the formation of independent public schools that were free from many of the bureaucratic burdens placed on regular district schools. These independent schools were established to provide educational choice and competition, spur innovation in public schools, and improve student achievement. These schools were also required to operate under a “charter” granted by the local school district, and are therefore commonly referred to as charter schools.


    In 1996, under the guidance of our founder, Dennis 'Coach' Snyder, Escondido Charter High School received its charter and began operations in a business park with 60 students. The school was focused on academic excellence, back-to-basics education (reading, writing, math, and science) and character development based on the American ideals of honesty, integrity, individual initiative, and service to others.


    Escondido Charter High School was a success, graduating its first class in 2000. in 2003, the school expanded to a new and larger location that included 40 classrooms, a library, modern computer labs, and athletic fields. Phase Two of the project was completed in 2007 with the addition of a 400-seat theater and gymnasium complex. Over the years, Escondido Charter High School has achieved some of the highest test scores in the State of California and has placed graduates into many of the nation’s top universities including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and Cal Poly.


    In 2016, Escondido Charter High School started a Flex Learning option that would provide a technology-based, independent learning option with students attending classes on campus four days per week. This learning option utilizes new and innovative instructional techniques to help students develop their talents and prepare for college. In 2016, the Midway building, adjacent to the main high school campus, was acquired and Flex moved into its permanent home.